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We would like to welcome you to the PolyJohn Distributor web site. We carry PolyJohn polyethylene portable toilets, hand washing sinks, water and waste tanks, and portable sanitation equipment. Our staff is here to help you in any way that we can. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. So if you are unsure of what product is best for your project call us at 1-800-227-8479.

What Kind Of Product Spectrum Does PolyJohn Distributor Provide?

• Portable Toilets
• Sanitizing Stations
• Urinal Blocks
• Portable Sinks
• Portable Restrooms
• Self-Dissolving Tablets
• Portable Tanks
• Toilet Deodorizers
• Hand Foam Dispensers
• Hand Washing Stations
• Hand Sanitizer Refills

Where Can PolyJohn Products Be Used?

PolyJohn portable restrooms, showers and hand washing stations can be used at such places as:

• Camp Grounds
• Retreat Centers
• Sports Facilities
• Beaches
• Festivals
• Construction Sites
• National Disasters
• Agricultural Farming
• Factories
• Agricultural Farming
• Office Trailers
• Food Service Trailers

During emergency situations, state, local, and federal agencies (and the many people who depend on them for help) rely on PolyJohn portable shower units for the service they need until regular facilities are up-and-running once again.

PolyJohn Products

Water Tanks

Water Tanks

(Fresh Water & Waste)

Portable Sanitation Accessories

Portable Sanitation Accessories



If you are in the agriculture business, you probably are already aware of the new agricultural guidelines for portable restrooms, portable sinks and portable hand sanitizers. If you are not familiar with these practices, please read below:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that a collection of principles known as "Good Agricultural Practices" (GAP) be implemented on all farms to ensure that food is safe and healthy.

According to the official "Good Agricultural Practices & Good Handling Practices Audit" used by the USDA to check farms, it is necessary that...

• Employees are required to wash their hands before beginning or returning to work.
• Readily understandable signs are posted to instruct employees to wash their hands before beginning or returning to work.
• All toilet/restroom/field sanitation facilities are clean. They are properly supplied with single use towels, toilet paper, and hand soap or antibacterial soap and potable water for hand washing.
• All toilet/restroom/field sanitation facilities are serviced and cleaned on a scheduled basis.

PolyJohn's GAP Compliant Portable Restroom Package is fully-equipped and ready-to-go!

The GAP Compliant Portable Restroom Package includes:
• PJN3 Restroom
• Exterior Sink
• Towel Dispenser
• Soap Dispenser
• Urinal
• Dump Valve
• Trailer (optional)


Portable Toilets and Portable Restrooms are not all alike.
PolyJohn's Portable Toilets and Restrooms are the best in the world.

The PJN3 Portable Restroom features:
• Door mounted Mirror and Handle
• Advanced waste tank design with rounded slope top and conveniently placed deep central sump
• Heat-treated aluminum doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact
• Non-splash urinal

The PJN3's design helps portable sanitation operators by providing a restroom that is easily serviceable with the following benefits:
• Reduced time for pumping, wipe downs, and drip dries
• Reduced risk of structural damage to front assembly
• Sag resistant door assembly



Also available are the We'll Care III - ADA Compliant and the Comfort XL - Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restrooms. All of PolyJohn's Portable Restrooms are made of high-grade polyethylene material and offer great revenue generating opportunities.

The Comfort XL Portable Restroom features:
• Wheelchair accessible with a compact design
• Can be moved easily by one person
• Spacious design permits greater movement
• Inexpensive and suits many needs

The We'll Care Portable Restroom features:
• Design certified to meet and exceed ADA requirements
• Heavy-duty Ryobi door closure with adjustable door closing speed
• Interior allows for wheelchairs to turn 360°
• Low maintenance costs
• Convenient grab bars