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1. What kind of care should be taken in the winter to prevent my portable restrooms from freezing up?
Anyone who has been in the portable restroom business above North America's frost line has had to find a way to prevent liquid wastes from freezing in order to do their job. There are several different methods available. The method you use may depend on the size of your operation, the dumping requirements in your area, the number of units you service in the winter, and the average number of below freezing days you must deal with each year... (Click for full answer)

2. Dumping and Pumping Tips - Problems and Solutions
Dumping is another key component to your business costs. Be sure to research all of your dumping options. Some may be more economical than others. In urban areas, you may have multiple dumping facilities within your geographic area with varying fees. Carefully plan your routes so that you are nearest to the dumping facility at the end of the route, or when you estimate your truck will be full. Mileage and time spent driving to dumping facilities is another practical cost to consider. Larger operations get around this problem by keeping large holding tanks on their facility or installing approved discharge areas... (Click for full answer)

3. How Many Units Will I Need For My Event?
Proper planning is the key to successful special events. Studies indicate that adequate restroom facilities have a significant influence on attendance and profitability. Tables 10 and 28 from the Sanitarian & Health Official Guide & Portable Restroom Requirements at Special Events & Crowd Gatherings, University of Missouri-St. Louis, are guides in determining the number of sanitation units that will be required... (Click for full answer)

4. Tips For A Successful Service Business:
If success is a wheel that you must keep turning, then service and products are the engine that drives it. Although these can be your two main expenses in terms of time and money, nothing helps the bottom line more than investing in great service and quality products... (Click for full answer)

5. What Does GAP Stand For?
If you are in the agriculture business, you probably are already aware of the new agricultural guidelines for portable restrooms, portable sinks and portable hand sanitizers. If you are not familiar with these practices, the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that a collection of principles known as "Good Agricultural Practices" (GAP) be implemented on all farms to ensure that food is safe and healthy... (Click for full answer)